Pro 65 Manual Cutter

Pro 65 Manual Cutter
• Base with a unique design that combines aluminium and a smooth steel central surface. Easy to place
and excellent sliding of the ceramic. Easy to clean.
• Separating mechanism located outside the guides. Greater comfort whilst working, as the cut can be
made without the need to remove the scoring lever. PATENT PENDING.
• Ambidextrous, progressive separator mechanism. Greater comfort whilst working, for both left and right
handed. High breaking power.
• Zamak sliders with extra-wide self-lubricating bushings. Maximum resistance, precision and fluidity.
• Robust, ribbed and extra-wide aluminium risers with two anchor points.
• Tool holder reinforced with a steel centre shaft and with interior brakes.
• The scoring wheel quickly adjusts to the thickness of the tile and can be changed very quickly.
• Round guides made of solid, chromed steel.
• Includes lateral block for repetitive cuts and cuts at a 45º angle, 6 mm. and 10mm. scoring wheels.
• For high intensity work.
• For cutting average sizes, medium and hard materials, up to 72 cm length and maximum 15 mm width.

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