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As we enter a well-stocked showroom we can often face a vast selection of choices, materials of various kinds shapes and origins, with different looks, technical properties and uses. Let us present some options to you now.

Sometines it can be overwhelming with so many different choices and ideas for bathrooms and kitchens on offer.

Tiles UK is ready to help you with your project at any of our showrooms in Manchester, Warrington, Leeds and Nottingham.

Let us show you some styles which are currently fashionable and on-trend.

Patchwork tiles

A beautiful mixture of shapes and colours could be a great option for your interior. These tiles originated in Morocco and Spain and the range was expanded in the Victorian Era.

Tapestry tiles, Odyssey Range by Original Style

Metro tiles

Sometimes they might be called ‘brick style’, ‘bevelled’ or ‘subway tiles'. They are now available in a range of colours from  pastels to bright and juicy options.

Metro range

Unusual shape tiles

Unusual shaped tiles can give you the feeling of movement in any space.

  • Curves

Scale Range by Equipe Ceramicas

  • Hexagonals

Carrara Hexatile with Hexawood Range and Hexatile Range by Equipe Ceramicas.

  • Fish scale shapes

Scale Range by Equipe Ceramicas.

  • Diamond shapes

Rhombus Range by Equipe.

Bright coloured tiles

Strong coloured tiles are currently 'on trend'. If you want to add emphasis to your wall or floor, this effect could be achieved with the use of bright colours.

Chroma and Prismatics Ranges by Johnson tiles.

If it's hard to choose your favourite style from today’s fashionable ranges please visit one of our showrooms and we can help you make that choice and bring your dreams to life.


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