Electric Cutter And Case (110V)

Electric Cutter And Case (110V)
>Moulded Protective Hard Case
>60hz, 600w, 2990rpm
>180mm Diamond Blade
>22.2mm Bore Depth
>32mm Max Cutting Depth
>3 Pin 110v Plug
When to Use:
- A robust heavy duty electric tile cutting machine featuring an adjustable
metal cutting guide, water cooling system with large reservior with a 
diamond blade with continuous rim. Features an adjustable work table for
mitre cuts. 
How to Use:
What you'll need:-
- Electric Tile Saw
- Tiles (Ceramic, Porcelain, Granite etc)
- Diamond Blade / Cutting Disc
- Protective Goggles / Glasses
- China Pencil
- Tilers Square
- Protective Gloves
- Rubbing Block
- Tile Edging Trimmers (Optional)
1) Before beginning, ensure the electric tile cutting machine is placed on a stable surface and fill the reservoir with water.
2) Depending on what type of tile you are cutting, make sure the tile cutting machine is equipped with the right type of cutting disc (i.e. using a cutting disc with porcelain cutting properties when cutting through porcelain tiles).
3) Using a Bright Ideas China Pencil mark out on the tile the measurements or guidelines of where the tile is going to be cut. For increased accuracy use a Bright Ideas Tilers Square.
4) Place the tile onto the bed of the tile saw and slowly push the tile through the cutting disc, following the guidelines / measurements you previously marked on the tile. Make sure you are wearing protective gloves to protect your hands from harm. Do not push too fast as there is the possibility of chipping the tile.
5) Once the tile has been cut, use Bright Ideas Rubbing Block or a pair of Bright Ideas Tile Edge Trimmers to smooth the edges of the tile if required.
6) Always remember to wear protective clothing. When using a Bright Ideas Electric Tile Cutting Machine it is recommended to wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands from cuts or grazes etc and to also wear a pair of protective goggles, as this will stop sparks or chips of tile from getting into your eyes. Dust masks are also handy for dusty applications when cutting sandy type tiles.

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