Micromax 2 Grout Chocolate 5 Kg

Micromax 2 Grout Chocolate 5 Kg

Rapid-setting and highly flexible, BAL Micromax2 is formulated with built-in Microban antimicrobial protection for walls and floors. Suitable for joint widths from 1 mm to 20 mm, Micromax2 sets in two to three hours, enabling faster completion. An efflorescence-free formulation minimises the risk of patchy discolouration. A built in admixture ensures a clean and even finish for grout joints. Available in White, Manilla, Gunmetal, Pebble, Jasmine, Ebony, Smoke, Chocolate, Cocoa and Anthracite. For large projects, additional colours are available upon request.

JOINTS: 1mm to 20mm


·         walls and floors

·         most tile types, including porcelain

·         suitable for most substrates including under tile heating

·         joints as narrow as 1mm or as wide as 20mm

·         dry or wet areas, interior or exterior

·         including power showers/wet rooms (NOT swimming pools or food preparation/storage areas)

·         Provides enduring good looks and consistent colour – No efflorescence, patchiness or shading, even across the largest areas.

·         Built-in Microban® protection – Stops the growth of mildew and unsightly black mould.

 POT LIFE AT 20°C: 30 minutes

SETS IN: 2 -3 hours

Bag Size: 5 Kg

TILE SIZES: 300 x 300 x 9 mm - with JOINT WIDTH: 3 mm - 10 kg - 35.5 m², 5 kg - 17.7 m², 2.5 kg - 8.9 m²

TILE SIZES: 200 x 200 x 9 mm - with JOINT WIDTH: 3 mm -  10 kg - 24.0 m², 5 kg - 12.0 m²,  2.5 kg - 6.0 m²

Additional Information
Bag size5 Kg
Joint SizeFrom 1mm to 20mm

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