BAL Rapid-Flex One White 20 Kg

BAL Rapid-Flex One White 20 Kg

With 30 minutes open time and 60 minutes working time, new BAL Rapid-Flex One gives you all the speed, but crucially – all the control – and is still ready to grout in just 3 hours.

Formulated with FST for enhanced performance and a super smooth consistency for easier and faster spreading. With superb flexibility and just one white colour for use on any installation, it’s truly the Number One rapidset adhesive.

BAL Rapid-Flex One has absorbed all the performance of BAL Rapidset Flexible and BAL Rapidset Flexible Fibre ensure BAL Rapid-Flex One is:

  • FST enhanced - performance for greater adhesion strength and performance
  • Super smooth - consistency for easier mixes and simpler and faster application
  • 60 minutes working time, 2x longer than most rapidsets.
  • 30 minutes open time, 3x longer than most other rapidsets.
  • Super flexible, the S1 adhesive is both highly deformable and flexible.
  • One for all; white in colour, meaning that only one bag is needed.
  • 25-year guarantee; giving you peace of mind your tiling will last the test of time.

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TypeCement Based

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