Tech 125 Manual Cutter

Tech 125 Manual Cutter

TECH is a sturdy, precise and light-weight machine designed to cut large formats tiles up to 125 cm / 49.2 inches.
The essential tile cutter for the most demanding professional tile installers

One-piece design philosophy: Designed to work as a single piece to guarantee a tool that is precise, sturdy and durable. 
TECH is designed to work with precision, day after day and cut after cut. Sturdiness: Built with high-performance materials, 
TECH has a patented assembly system and its design has been optimized, piece by piece, resulting in a longerlasting machine. 
We use the best materials and structural designs to maximize rigidity and eliminate twisting and bending. 
The patented assembly results in the highest transmission of tile-breaking force and enhanced durability. 
Precision: The solidity and rigidity of the core structure help ensure a clean and straight cut, even with large tiles. 
A force of only 5 kg / 11 lbs is necessary to properly score the tile.

Features :

  • CENTRAL PIVOT SWIVEL SQUARE Combines ruler, square and stopper for precise and repetitive cuts.
  • SEPARATOR Heavy-duty breaking arch for easy and clean tile separation, even high-density porcelain.
  • SLIDERS Maximum scoring smoothness, precision and durability, thanks to double self-lubricating bushings.
  • DOUBLE ROTATING PROTRACTORS This patented feature allows optimal support and enhanced cutting versatility at all angles.
  • GUIDE SYSTEM Unique guide system built with round rail bars made of chrome-plated, solid steel and aluminium stands for maximum wear resistance, smooth glide and precise scoring.
  • FLOATING BASE Spring-loaded aluminium base offers an open working surface with maximum stability and dampening.
  • FOLD-ABLE SIDE ARM EXTENSIONS Integrated into the base to facilitate the positioning of larger tiles while offering better support and stability.
  • CONSTRUCTION Patented assembly design: the reinforced base, rail holders and guide system are designed as a single piece to guarantee a tile cutter that is precise, sturdy and durable. 

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