When Charley Doyle and her husband moved into their first home together, white walls and pale grey carpet made their hallway feel cold and featureless. Putting her DIY skills to good use, Charley decided to give the entrance to their home plenty of character with the natural beauty of Palio LooseLay flooring.

With a childhood love of making things and having learnt handy skills by helping out her dad, Charley shares her DIY knowledge on Instagram @thisgirldiys and empowers others to have a go. Their new home is proving the ideal opportunity to showcase her skills and inspire others as she creates a calming, relaxing place which really works for them.

Charley's hallway.jpg

Floor installed: Budelli LLP146

Putting her own stamp on it

Having decorated other key rooms using colour, interesting accessories and houseplants for a cosy atmosphere, Charley turned her attention to the busiest space of the house.

As Charley explained: “The hallway is the first room you enter when coming into our home and it lacked personality! It’s a nice open space and an amazing starting point but the all-white walls weren’t inspiring and I find carpet an impractical surface as it traps dirt and germs. Hallways are often overlooked when it comes to decorating but I wanted the entrance to our home to reflect who we are as a couple and for our guests to immediately feel welcome.”

Choosing the right floor

Charley knew she wanted a wood effect flooring that was hard wearing and easy to clean. To keep costs down, she was keen to find a product that was designed for DIY installation.

After ordering samples from a number of manufacturers, she chose Budelli from the Palio LooseLay range. Featuring a base of on-trend ashy brown tones with darker knot and grain details and lots of variation from plank to plank, Budelli offers a realistic look of wood flooring.

A practical option for a hard-working space, Palio LooseLay is a highly durable floor that’s waterproof and easy to clean. What’s more, it’s soft and warm underfoot and is also compatible with underfloor heating for extra comfort during the colder months.

Charley's hallway and toilet.jpg

Floor installed: Budelli LLP146

Installation in no time

Palio LooseLay is designed for easy installation. Each plank holds tight to the floor thanks to a combination of weight and a friction grip backing, making it easy to fit and allowing individual planks or tiles to be uplifted if needed.

Charley said: “I was well impressed with Palio LooseLay. I can’t believe how easy it was to lay. I just had to pay attention to staggering the joints and laying each plank tight against its neighbour or the skirting board to make sure the floor is fixed. In the doorway, I added some tackifier to prevent slipping and gapping. Incredibly, I laid the floor myself in just one weekend!”

A hallway to be proud of

Charley concluded: “We love the transformation! The Budelli flooring is beautiful and has given our hallway exactly the natural look I was hoping for. In phase two of our hallway transformation I’m planning to add shiplap panelling to the walls and build a storage nook but I’m happy that we can now offer visitors a warm welcome that helps them feel right at home.”

Having recently announced that they are expecting their first child, we know that the couple will be glad to have chosen a practical and hygienic floor!