New Bal Rapid-Flex One

BAL Rapid-Flex One is the ultimate high-performance S1 adhesive: fast, strong and flexible.

By utilising innovative BAL technology BAL Rapid-Flex One and available in white (only), it is the only rapidset flexible adhesive needed for installations and will allow this single SKU to replace all other BAL rapidset flexible adhesives, which will be deleted with this launch.

With 30 minutes open time and 60 minutes working time, new BAL Rapid-Flex One gives you all the speed, but crucially – all the control – and is still ready to grout in just 3 hours.

Formulated with FST for enhanced performance and a super smooth consistency for easier and faster spreading. With superb flexibility and just one white colour for use on any installation, it’s truly the Number One rapidset adhesive.

BAL Rapid-Flex One has absorbed all the performance of BAL Rapidset Flexible and BAL Rapidset Flexible Fibre ensure BAL Rapid-Flex One is:

  • FST enhanced – performance for greater adhesion strength and performance
  • Super smooth – consistency for easier mixes and simpler and faster application
  • 60 minutes working time, 2x longer than most rapidsets.
  • 30 minutes open time, 3x longer than most other rapidsets.
  • Super flexible, the S1 adhesive is both highly deformable and flexible.
  • One for all; white in colour, meaning that only one bag is needed.
  • 25-year guarantee; giving you peace of mind your tiling will last the test of time.

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