Considering an Apprentice?

Hiring an apprentice comes with many benefits and 72% of businesses are already benefiting from these, reporting improved productivity as a result of employing an apprentice.

Industry research has highlighted the benefits businesses are reaping from introducing the scheme:

• Gaining a fresh perspective to their business 
• Enabling opportunity to pursue new developments such as social media growth 
• 80% reporting a significant rise in employee retention 
• Plus, employers that take on apprentices between the ages of 16-18 will be eligible for training funded by the government. 
As the school year nears to an end, more leavers will be considering apprenticeships as well as many businesses introducing the scheme. However, health and safety reports have highlighted a worrying amount of injuries in the workplace involving young people.

Whilst this may be for many different reasons businesses need to make sure apprentices are covered by policies and given the correct training to avoid injuries.

Top tips for a safe place of work:

• Consider doing a separate risk assessment for your young workers. Remember, the apprentices are likely to have a lot less experience than your trained staff so you owe them a larger duty of care. 
• Are your apprentices covered by your insurance? Make sure your employee liability insurance covers your new employee and the contracts of which you have hired them under. 
• Put in place an effective training programme 
• As always, provide safe and maintained equipment in order to limit the risk of injury. 
If you are considering hiring an apprentice and would like to review your insurance arrangements it is recommended that you speak with a specialist adviser who understands the sector to ensure you have the right protection in place to meet your needs.

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