Get “On Trend” with Hexagon Tiles

Who said mosaics have to be square?  From the honeycomb of bee’s to Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway, hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature and if you are looking to create a statement floor or wall, hexagonal tiles really could be the answer.

Hexagonal tiles began to appear in a variety of Italian and Spanish factories 1-2 years ago and this season the hexagon shape has become one of the main trends in ceramic and porcelain tile design.

An interesting pattern style, reminiscent of a honeycomb is not the only advantage of hexagonal tiles – the shape of the hexagon allows you to “play” with a combination of colors and use more than one tone.

Today you can buy hexagonal tiles with a variety of surfaces – glossy, matt, relief or slightly roughened – the choice depends on the end destination and the relevant interior use. Glossy hexagons can also look great in a bathroom or kitchen.

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